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32 weeks.

3.5 weeks later and we seem to be settling into a routine. So far nothing major is wrong with Hosanna. She’s gaining weight, breathing well (has been on and off the Cpap a few times, which is perfectly normal for a baby as little as her. She has been getting fortified breast milk through her […]

28 weeks 4 days

I just realized the last time I blogged was when we found out Hosanna was a girl and we were sharing her name. Sorry, I’m a slacker. I’m sure it has nothing to do with chasing three kids around and trying to keep the house clean. Honest, I’m just lazy. A lot has happened in […]

Hoshiya na

Friday evening we found out we will be enjoying more pink in our house. Josiah and Eugene will be extremely outnumbered in July when this baby girl arrives.  We are more than thrilled at this news, not that we would have been unhappy with a boy, but I really wanted another girl. We both had […]

Hello, i still exist

In case you were wondering, the author of this blog is still alive. She is a 20 week pregnant woman who has 3 kids. She is busy trying to keep the house clean and organized, while teaching her 5 year old and 3 year old (some days) as well as trying to keep her 15 […]

Been thinking about parenting

This blog a friend shared has got me thinking a lot about parenting. It’s called Motherhood as a mission field. It has a lot of good points, things I needed to be reminded of, things i probably need to remember daily. I don’t resent my kids that I am at home with them, but I […]

Time for a change

no, this has nothing to do with Obama. It has everything to do with eating. Mainly the way my children eat. The way I let them eat. It all started when Caylee was about 18 months old or so. maybe earlier. She is really picky and instead of making her eat what we were eating, […]


My three winners for the shutterfly giveaway have been chosen by #3,6and 7. Kacie, Erin and Jeannette! congratulations guys! be looking for an email from me (as soon as I hear back from shutterfly about shipping!

Christmas is coming!

I am so excited about this promotion from Snapfish. They are going to give 3 of you 25 free cards! They have some really cute prints for all sorts of things, holiday cards, greeting cards, birth announcements, and Christmas cards. I was going to send out Christmas cards last year as birth announcements for Josiah, […]


I know I don’t blog enough, and I definitely don’t fill you in on the fun things Josiah is doing enough either. So here’s a funny “what Josiah can do” story. He was sitting on the floor in the livingroom eating a cracker, I had put on baby miracle for him (some baby einsteinish type […]

Crazy Boy

Josiah is 9.5 months old. and in his 9 and a half months he has had two ambulance rides, one seizure, a spinal tap, tons of cultures and tests, an ultra sound, xray and CT scan. He’s had surgery and has his first broken bone.  Everyone told me boys are crazier than girls, and I […]