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Abortion- fine! But Home birth, NO WAY


I’ve been learning a lot about home births lately. I have to admit I thought they were old fashioned and for crazy hippies or something.


Until I had my first child and got frustrated at the way my requests were ignored. What I wanted to happen while I was in labor didn’t. Part is due to the fact that my daughter came 5.5 weeks early so they were taking huge precautions. But why couldn’t I have a glass of water??!!


Even now as I think about the delivery of my second child home birth is just a thought in the VERY BACK of my head. Mostly because I’ve been reading more and more about other people doing it and realizing they get to deliver how they want. If they want to eat while in labor, they can! If they want to sit in the tub, they can! There are a lot of benefits of a home birth that out way the small chance that something goes wrong. Even if something does go wrong you from what I understand you have a midwife, plus her attendants there. That midwife’s main concern is the health of you and your baby, if something looks wrong, she’s gonna take you to the hospital.


Anyway, it’s still just a thought in the back of my mind. For this pregnancy, it’s not for me.


However, I know it IS for some people. Where and how you have your baby should be your choice, and now AMA (American Medical Association) wants to take that choice away from women.


So let me get this straight… if a woman wants to kill her child by having an abortion- that’s fine. But she better not decide she wants to try to deliver her baby at home, in her own comfort, with medical staff present. Oh no, that would be horrible.


For more information, and a much better post, click on the Home Birth is a choice button at the top of this post.


Comment from jessica @pianomomsicle
Time June 18, 2008 at 11:16 pm

crazy! i am not the person who would ever have a home birth, until they prescribe an at-home epidural lol. But if a woman wants to have a baby at home the way she wants it to work out, then she should be able to! Pretty soon they’ll be wanting to limit the way people conceive too!

Comment from mamabeck
Time June 19, 2008 at 2:31 am

Preach it Sistah!
I was blessed to have a single homebirth in my 4 births. It was a wonderful experience, and totally God-led. He hasn’t led us to do so this time (baby #5), and for good reason, as I’m learning each day. But to legislate how a woman births just makes me growl.

There’s nothin’ like having your baby, then 10 minutes later being asked “would you like to relax and nurse the baby on your sofa or on your recliner?” “and would you like something to eat?” WOOHOO!
Blessings to you!

Comment from Kelli
Time June 19, 2008 at 4:44 pm

Wow, abortion is “a choice” but there is no choice about where to have a baby that will loved nurtured and protected. Crazy.

Comment from Peggie
Time June 20, 2008 at 8:46 am

Things are getting so messed up in this world of ours. After seeing how easy it was for Karra to have Chris at home you would think everyone would want to have it that way! ;)

Seriously, this is a sick world and makes me wonder how much longer God is going to allow things to go on before He decides to rapture His own and bring judgment on the world.