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Wedding pictures

Last Saturday was my mother-in-law’s wedding. I was put in charge of making the cake. I must admit, I was STRESSED. I think I called My mom (master of cake making and decorating) about 30 times the last few days before the wedding. Luckily she was understanding and answered all my questions and even gave me a few quick tips on things. THANKS MOM!!

I was icing the cake here, at this point Caylee could not take any more of me not holding her. So she found her place on my hip while I finished working on the cakes.

Lexi found a place in a booster seat at our table. I’m not sure why she wanted in the chair, but she was really cute so we took the picture. :)

The finished product. I had every detail down pat on how I was going to do it except for the belt buckle. I couldn’t find any silver or gold candy, icing or even fondant. I was so mad I had to settle for this sparkly gel stuff, which as you can see, looked TERRIBLE. By the way, all the brown, is tootsie roll. They work great for cake decorating. (that was my idea!) BTW, it was a western themed wedding, and her color was pink, which is why the cake looks like it does. The western theme was great for my first wedding cake, I didn’t have to worry about making fancy flowers or anything, or getting the cake completely smooth. Oh and I got to choose the details of the cake, which also helped. I’m not sure if I’ll tackle another wedding cake.

This was taken prewedding, Lexi wouldn’t smile normal, all she would do is cover her face or make funny faces. So this is what we got!

Caylee was her usual smiley self when the camera came out. (in between chewing on her shoes)

The maid of honor pulling flower girl one and ring barer down the aisle. The Maid of honor is Eugene’s oldest niece, who did the bride’s hair and makeup- she did a GREAT job! In the background you can see Eugene giving Lexi last minute instructions on how to drop the flowers.

here she is, doing an amazing job with the flowers.

The guys.

The ladies.

my husband walking his mommy down the aisle. don’t you love the belt buckle? he he. it was required for the wedding- he wanted me to make sure everyone knew that. Doesn’t the bride look beautiful? She MADE her dress. it looked like something found in David’s Bridal. it was amazing.

Lexi got all the way up there and realized she still had flowers in her basket, so she went back out on the runner to throw the rest.

The Bride and Groom. Congratulations!!


Comment from joanna
Time June 24, 2009 at 8:35 am

For the belt buckle, could you have used yellow fondant or icing covered in large-grain sugar, to make it look all glitter-encrusted? Not that you’ll be worrying about a belt buckle on a cake anytime in the near future.