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Crazy Boy

Josiah is 9.5 months old. and in his 9 and a half months he has had two ambulance rides, one seizure, a spinal tap, tons of cultures and tests, an ultra sound, xray and CT scan. He’s had surgery and has his first broken bone.  Everyone told me boys are crazier than girls, and I thought I was prepared… I guess I had no clue HOW crazy boys are.

Wednesday he was being really clingy and wouldn’t let Eugene hold him while I was cooking supper, in the process of holding him while trying to cook I leaned his leg up against the cast iron skillet and gave him a little burn right below his knee.

Thursday he started trying to pull up on things,  he pulled up on the side of the tub while was going potty, and walked his way from one  end of the tub to the other to get the shower curtain. He slipped down but didn’t get hurt. Later that day he was fussy, so I pulled him up on the couch next to me. Caylee disappeared and was quite a few minutes later so I asked her what she was doing. She answered “I don’t know” and I knew that meant she was into something. I jumped up to find out what and forgot Josiah was on the couch. A minute later while I was trying to clean up the two tubes of glitter that Caylee dumped, I heard a THUMP and Josiah started crying. He fell off the couch. He was fine.  That night I was getting ready to give them a bath, the 3 kids were in the bathroom and I went to get their towels out of the dryer. When I got back to the bathroom he had pulled up on the tub. I ran back to the kitchen to get my phone and heard a thump and crying. He had grabbed a hold of the shower curtain and pulled it down on himself. He was still fine.

Friday morning  I was telling Eugene all the things he did the day before and said “This boy is trying to break a bone!” Lunch time Friday I was holding him in the kitchen while preparing Eugene’s lunch.  Josiah was being silly, pulling my hair and grabbing my face then laughing. He got really excited and dug in both legs and used all his force to push himself off of me. I was only holding him with one arm and he went toppling out of my arms landing on his head on our ceramic tile floor screaming. I spazzed- something I normally don’t do. I screamed for Eugene to come and I wouldn’t even pick him up. I was afraid he had broken his neck or back. Eugene finally convinced me to pick him up and he calmed right down as soon as Caylee brought him his pacifier.  We looked him over and didn’t find anything wrong, but for some reason I still wanted to take him to the ER.  two hours and an xray later the doctor informed me he had fractured his skull. it is just a hairline fracture, not displaced at all, but they made us go via ambulance to the children’s hospital. They told us they needed to keep him for a day or two to monitor him, but he had to be somewhere where there was a pediatric neurologist.  They did a CT scan before sending us down there. CT scan came back normal, and down we went to be evaluated.

After 4 hours  there we saw the neurologist and he said Josiah was fine, we could go home.  So we left with our broken headed baby boy.  He’s been acting perfectly normal, and only has a little bit of swelling left, which oddly enough is not even where the fracture is.  We have to make an appointment in a week just as follow up, and for the next three months keep him from landing on his head… I didn’t think that would be too hard, but today he’s decided he really wants to be able to get up and climb on things!

Now his top two teeth are coming in  too, so he’s a teething, whiny, clingy, adventurous baby with a broken head. Who likes to get into everything. Fun times.


Comment from Mom
Time September 11, 2011 at 8:59 pm

Bet he is left handed! When people ask me which of my kids were harder and stressed me the most, boys or girls, I always answer “The left handed kids”! They are the ones, I swear, that turn you gray!

Comment from Jeannette
Time October 23, 2011 at 9:28 am

Don’t you remember the horror stories of your two nephews? LOL.