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I know I don’t blog enough, and I definitely don’t fill you in on the fun things Josiah is doing enough either. So here’s a funny “what Josiah can do” story.

He was sitting on the floor in the livingroom eating a cracker, I had put on baby miracle for him (some baby einsteinish type movie that he wasn’t really watching). I came over here to my computer to look up how much a new Drying octopus costs and he was in there making all sorts of noise. I wasn’t listening closely enough to notice he was saying “mah mah” which means more or food. So he decided to help himself by crawling over here, opening up the lazy susan and getting out the box of crackers while continuing to say “mah mah”. That’s when I realized he wanted another cracker. :)

he’s also getting his 5th and 6th tooth, dealing with a cold, crawling properly, pulling up and cruising.  He communicates pretty well, says the normal momma, dada, nana, bye bye, bath (ba) and night night- although at the moment I can’t think of how he says night night.   He loves to play with his sisters, they entertain him quite nicely too.

Caylee is starting to show some interest in school and learning, so I’ve been teaching her the letters in her name. I think Lexi teaches her some too though, because today when I wrote “Aa” on her page and told her to write A’s, she started writing “h” and telling me it was h.  she “wrote” her name by herself for the first time today, her C’s look like rainbows, her y was two parallel lines and her e’s were more like os with a tail, but hey, it was her name. :)

Lexi is doing great in school, she loves it, although for some reason she doesn’t like Bible and I can read a sentence and ask her about the sentence I just read and she will have no clue what I said.  She loves math and often wants to do several days worth of work in one day, I have a feeling we’ll be going up to 2nd grade math before we’re done with the school year only because she’ll get her 1st grade book done!  We are loving the homeschool co-op that we are in, Caylee is having fun and learning, she loves to come home and sing the songs she’s learned to me. Lexi is learning Latin, sign language, the presidents, states and all sorts of stuff. Yesterday she started singing the preamble!

I’m using the Sonlight curriculum this year, with the Bob Jones math, and I think next year I’m going to end up piecing together different curriculum like I said I never would do. I’m discovering each curriculum has parts that I like and parts that I don’t. Although I can’t really think of anything i don’t like about sonlight- except maybe the outrageous price.  I’m not sure Lexi likes all the reading, but she doesn’t complain about anything other than Bible, so who knows what I’ll do next year.

I’m still running and still loving it. I’ve ran 4 5k’s this summer, and knocked my time down from 27:02 to 23:40 since July. I was contemplating running a half marathon in the middle of November, but I decided against it only for financial reasons. it’s actually a really cheap one, but after having to bite the bullet and lose money on my running shoes I don’t feel right dumping another $30 into running.  If you’re wondering what happened with the running shoes I’ll tell you. I found a really good deal on a pair of last years models sauconys. $110 shoes for $58. I bought a pair, the arrived, I tried them on and discovered one was broken. I called, got a return order # and mailed them back. I sent the package to the post office with 4 other packages. my husband grabbed them all as he was running out the door late for work, I thought nothing about anything and he mailed them. 2 weeks later I realized i never heard anything about them getting the shoes, called and sure enough they hadn’t arrived. I called back a week later, they still hadn’t arrived. it’s now been about 5 weeks and my shoes are no where to be found. Neither my husband or I thought about tracking or insurance or any of that stuff so we didn’t get anything. The store will not refund my money unless the shoes show up. So now I’m out the $58 plus the return shipping. and that was money we didn’t really have sitting around.  So yah, no races for a while, i have to save money for a new pair of running shoes amongst other things like new contacts, a speeding ticket i got, and a chiropractor to try to make the tingling and sharp pains in my right leg go away. Fun times! Did I mention I ordered a copy of Total Money Makeover on the other day? My husband and I just started reading it and plan to put it into practice soon.


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