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Hello, i still exist

In case you were wondering, the author of this blog is still alive. She is a 20 week pregnant woman who has 3 kids. She is busy trying to keep the house clean and organized, while teaching her 5 year old and 3 year old (some days) as well as trying to keep her 15 month old out of every thing he can reach and those things he just wants to reach.

I’m also taking part in a homeschool coop group that meets every Tuesday from 8:45-2:45. Lexi loves the coop and is learning SO much more than I could teach her myself. Caylee is also learning a ton and loves it, most days.

I’ve still been running 3-4 times a week and I love it. I’ve slowed down a bit, sometimes, and I’m not running 12-13 miles at a time anymore. But I’m running enough that I can still have sweet stuff while trying to maintain gaining my 25-30lbs during this pregnancy. We find out on Friday evening what we’re having. I am having a hard time believing I’ll be 20 weeks along tomorrow.

Other than that stuff, I don’t think there is anything too exciting going on with me. Josiah has been walking for quite some time now and still gets into anything and everything he can. Lexi is doing amazing with reading and her math still, she cruises through math chapters like they are nothing, and will sit down and read chapter books on her own. I’m loving the sonlight curriculum and can’t wait to do it with her again next year. I am trying to decide on a math curriculum to use, as well as what to do with Caylee, she needs some organized form of school work now. Josiah and the baby will probably just be causing all sorts of trouble while we try to get things done, but oh well!

So there is my mini life updated. :) have a good day!

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