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bitty Braille

When I first heard of Bitty braille I thought it was great! My uncle runs a ministry for the Blind, he himself is legally blind. His ministry translates books, pictures, puzzles and games into braille so the Blind enjoy those things too!

I was so excited to learn of this line of products that puts braille words onto shirts for little kids.

Check them out! their products are so cute!

Then if you write your own post and head over here, you can enter to win some of their products!


Comment from ashley @ twentysixcats
Time November 4, 2007 at 9:09 pm

Both my paternal grandparents did things for the blind as well. My grandma had a brailler and she would translate textbooks for blind students. My grandpa fixed electronic things that I think were basically small tape players. He called them “talking books”.