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They came.

It really is Christmas!

But we also got rid of the Christmas tree today. Yes, we know it’s only the 12th of December and Christmas is still 13 days away. But we have this strange suspicion that Lexi has been sick because she is allergic to the Christmas tree.

So with a pout on my face I took the ornaments off the tree, packed them up in a box, and listed the Tree on Freecycle, hoping to help out a family who might not have the money for one this year.

That’s exactly what I did too. And I am glad that someone else gets to use the tree. Maybe the only reason I threw a fit to get a tree, and my husband gave in, and Lexi has been sick is so that family could have a Christmas Tree this year. Doesn’t that make it all worth it?

Yes, Yes it does.

I actually don’t think I have blogged about Lexi being sick at all, but she’s been miserable. Snotty, runny nose, horrible, horrible cough, and her eating habits have been all messed up. Three times yesterday she coughed so hard that she um… threw up. There’s no nice way to put that. luckily it was mostly just all the stuff that has been draining down into her belly since she doesn’t blow her nose or spit when she coughs up stuff.

So yah. The nurse told me it sounds like allergies and the only thing that had changed was the Christmas tree.

So it’s gone.

Oh well.


Comment from Beckie
Time December 12, 2007 at 4:04 pm

Sorry to here that Jes. I understand about the allergies to trees though. We had to do the same thing for my brother when he was groing up. Now my mom has developed allergies to trees. The good news is that they have beautiful fake prelit trees. And if you can hold out till after Christmas, they go on sale REAL cheap.

Oh by the way the presents got here today.

Comment from Peggie
Time December 13, 2007 at 9:31 am

I am so sorry honey! I hope it works and she is feeling better soon.

Comment from Charlotte
Time December 13, 2007 at 10:20 am

How disappointing! I have bad allergies — we use a very pretty, real-looking tree. We bought it after Christmas, just like Beckie also suggested.