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112 Things

112 things About me

1. My middle name is Renee
2. I hate my middle name
3. My daughter has the same middle name
4. I haven’t spent more than $25 on my hair in the past two and a half years outside of buying shampoo and conditioner **UPDATE- while pregnant with Caylee I sucked it up and spent $35 to get my hair cut. I loved it
5. I don’t understand people who spend more than $20 to get their hair done, especially when they get it done every 6 weeks *I now understand spending more $ to get your hair cut, but not every 6 weeks. :)
6. I haven’t died my hair in over two and a half years due to my experience with trying to get black hair dye out of my hair
7. My favorite thing to is go backpacking and spend time in the woods
8. I haven’t gone backpacking in over 5 years
9. Camping is another top thing on my favorites list
10. I can count the number of times I’ve gone camping since I got married on one hand, and I don’t even consider them real camping trips *We’ve started camping yearly now with my sister. It’s great and it’s “real” camping trips! :)
11. I love photography and sign language
12. I am the daughter of a pastor
13. I’m the youngest of 5
14. My husband is a draftsman, he draws outlet malls
15. I went to school for 2 years to be an elementary teacher
16. I dropped out to get married
17. I met my husband online in a Yahoo Christian Chat
18. We talked online and on the phone for almost a year and a half before we met face to face
19. I rode on a bus from Maine to North Carolina to meet him in January of 2002
20. It took 24 hours
21. By the end of the week I knew we’d get married
22. In August of 2002 I moved to NC
23. In October of 2002 we got engaged
24. On November 29,2002 we were married
25. My Father died in August before my senior year of high school
26. I lived with my youth leaders for half of my senior year
27. My mom met her new husband online
28. I have lived in SIX states (NJ, PA, ME, IN, NC, TN) I don’t remember living in NJ.
29. I have visited 4 countries (Mexico, Canada, Poland and Bolivia)
30. I spent a month in Bolivia
31. While I was there I let a complete stranger cut off my hair- and I gave her permission to have fun
32. I hated my hair
33. I finally had it looking decent and then went to get it trimmed at a hair salon (my mom wanted me to)
34. It looked terrible
35. That was 5 days before I was supposed to get my senior pictures taken (summer before senior year)
36. I made my mom and dad get their picture taken
37. My dad died the very next day
38. I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and I don’t remember more than 50 words.
39. I probably can’t even say those words correctly
40. I took 2 years of sign language in college, as well as a 10 week class at a church
41. I am addicted to the Internet I could spend all day on here.
42. I am obsessed with keeping a clean house, I will clean for hours if I know someone is coming over, even if it is family
43. I am afraid to cook for people other than my husband because I want to make everyone happy and I’m afraid they won’t like what I cook.
44. I struggled with anorexia in high school.
45. This is the first time I have ever made that publicly known. The only reason I started eating again was cuz my good friend threatened to tell my dad.
46. I am glad he threatened me.
47. I got my first kiss the day before my 18th birthday.
48. I was mad he didn’t wait until my birthday to kiss me.
49. He was my first real boyfriend.
50. I’m glad it didn’t work out because I am happily in love with my husband!
51. I was obsessed with Barbie dolls when I was younger.
52. I also loved climbing trees
53. I love Math, I took an extra math class my senior year even though seniors weren’t required to take math.
54. Sometimes I still wish I could take math classes
55. I hate English, I’m a terrible speller and if it weren’t for spell check I would not survive.
56. I don’t like to read.
57. I want to have 5 children
58. My sister has 5 children
59. My sister in law has 5 children
60. I have 14 nieces and 8 nephews.
61. I have worked many different jobs from day cares to factories to cash management departments for cash advance stores. I also volunteered as an assistant cook at a camp in MI one summer and worked in the kitchen as a dishwasher in college. I was also a camp counselor one summer.
62. I am used to be addicted to orange tic tacs
63. I haven’t had an orange tic tac since 2002 for fear that my addiction will start up again
64. I have used over 950 peak minutes a month on my cell phone
65. I called my husband Tig for almost 2 years because I thought Eugene was an old person’s name.
66. I still rarely call him Eugene to his face.
67. I love shopping. I keep hoping some day we will have enough extra money that I can just go shopping and buy whatever I want- within reason.
68. I have always been fairly modest, but I did have a fetish with short shorts in high school. I have never worn a spaghetti strap shirt unless it was over my bathing suit. I love that Bermuda shorts and long shirts are in style now.
69. I’ve never worn a bikini.
70. I thought I was showing off a lot of skin when I wore my prom dress that had 1 inch straps.
71. Lowes is my favorite store.
72. Partially because I love the thought of remodeling, and partially because I can spend all day walking around in there an leave without buying anything.
73. I think going to the movie theater is a waste of money,
74. And it is definitely not date appropriate.
75. My husband loves going to the Movie Theater, and is addicted to watching movies.
76. I love coupons
77. I am addicted to going to CVS because of their great deals and free stuff!
79. I love tomatoes
80. I love notebooks and journals although I never write in them
81. My friend Jeremy made me burn everything that had to do with my first boyfriend after we broke up. He assured me it would make me feel better.
82. I wanted twins until I had a baby. Then I understood how impossible life with twins would have been.
83. I have had the same email address since before I got married
84. My mom bought our first computer in 1995, all we had was juno email.
85. My first car was a 1986 Toyota Celica that I bought from my brother-in-law for $400.
86. I loved that car, it had a moon roof- the kind with that slide back and made a big hole, not just the kind that opened.
87. The timing belt went on it we got guy we got to replace it (who said he gave us a deal after charging us $300) a few months later it started acting like it was low on oil, but when we checked it the oil was fine. It finally died and we were told the Engine blocks cracked. My car was dead.
88. Last year the timing belt in our Hyundai went and we learned that if you don’t put it back on correctly it can crack the engine blocks. I was so mad to know that the mechanic actually killed my favorite car. Oh, and it only cost us about $50 to replace the timing belt.
89. I have played 4 instruments in my lifetime (Viola, trumpet, Guitar and bass). I was never really good at any of them. I did play bass for the praise and worship team at my church for awhile, then when we moved I helped the youth group band and played in there until I got too pregnant to play comfortably.
90. I bought a guitar when I was in college and named it Destiny Anne. I’ve always wanted to name my daughter that but my husband said that since my guitar was named it we weren’t going to name our daughter Destiny.
91. I was afraid of the dark until 2003 when I finally gave that fear to the Lord.
92. I think Abortion is wrong under all circumstances because it stops a beating heart.
93. I think porn is a serious problem that is not being addressed
94. I think we pay entertainers way too much money. This includes all sports players and musicians as well as actors and actresses. Yes I understand how hard sports players work.
95. I don’t think teachers get paid enough money.
96. I want to home school my children
97. Right now I really want to go shopping and spend money.
98. Both mine and my husbands credit scores are terrible due to some very unwise decisions we made when we were young and did not know better. We are slowly working to improve it.
99. I hope to someday buy a house where I can paint and build and remodel.
100. I hate Crickets. In TN they have camel back crickets which are like crickets on steroids from hell.
101. 2 is my favorite number
102. I love belly buttons and always wished I had an outie
103. I remember racing my friends to the monkey bars to see who could get the middle set then we’d hang upside down and do flips all during recess. We also liked to swing a lot.
104. I had bladder control problems when I was little. My mom made me special underwear to wear to bed because I’d almost always wet the bed. My sister used to make me pee my pants by cheating while we played cards.
105. In high school I started going by Jesw/1 S because one of my best friends names was Jess and it was hard to have two Jess’s.
106. I got chicken pox the last day of school my freshman year of high school, I had a blistered sunburn at the same time.
107. I used to be wild and crazy and outgoing but now I’m kinda shy. I’m still crazy around people who know me but I’m afraid to be myself around new people.
108. When I first moved to NC from Maine everyone thought I was mean because I was so sarcastic. Since then I have calmed down, I’m pretty southern now.
109. Every time I go to subway I order the same thing, a 6” roast beef sandwich. I’ve ordered this every time I’ve eaten there since the first time I ate there. * I recently tried the cold cut trio because it was one of the $5 foot longs. it’s ok, but not as good as Roast Beef.
110. I have a fetish with free things. I’ll normally take them even if I don’t need them.
111. I think Walmart is going to take over the country. But I still shop there because they have the lowest prices- you do have to watch though because they try to trick you, they’ll put those “now only $” signs up making you think it’s been lowered, but sometimes they have actually raised the prices. They also raise a price of something every time they lower the price of something else. They’ll also lower the price of something but reduce the amount of the product in the package- they do this with meat a lot.
112. It took me almost 3 hours to complete this because I kept getting sidetracked.

**** Just a side note. I didn’t realize while writing this that it might give the impression that my husband is horrible, or keeps me from doing the things I love. That is NOT the case. He will go camping and day hikes with me if we ever had the time and money. He is a great guy!


Comment from Beth @ The Natural Mommy
Time September 16, 2007 at 9:43 am

I loved this! I love that you put “shopping” like four times on it. :-D

Comment from Pops
Time September 18, 2007 at 11:12 pm

I can’t believe that I didn’t know almost all of that! Did you tell KK?

Comment from Pops
Time September 18, 2007 at 11:14 pm

By the way I love orange tic tacs too!!!! I can’t buy them because I eat them all at one time. P.S. The Tennessee crickets miss you and Eugene too.

Comment from Beth Ann
Time September 19, 2007 at 11:17 am

I don’t think I would know who you were if you started spelling your name with 2 s’s again!! Love ya!

Comment from Aunt Arline
Time November 13, 2007 at 1:56 pm

Hey, you forgot a state where you used to live!! Please don’t forget good ole’ New Jersey!!! I know you were just a baby, but you still lived here!! : ) Love you!

Comment from Aunt Linda
Time November 14, 2007 at 9:54 am

I think the hair thing came totally from the full head of hair you had as a baby… if I remember right, we all used to rub your head and make wishes? I am very proud of the person you are, (I think that was one of the wishes I made…….) love and hugs

Comment from
Time May 20, 2010 at 12:26 am

I think the hair thing came totally from the full head of hair you had as a baby… if I remember right, we all used to rub your head and make wishes? I am very proud of the person you are, (I think that was one of the wishes I made…….) love and hugs

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