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more thoughts by me

My husband told me I needed to make a page where I could put some poems as I write them. So this is the page for that I guess.

I wrote this poem today. It’s the first poem I have written in years. I didn’t want to post it. He is making me… I love him. Here’s the poem.

It’s a solemn day
They line up under the awning of the building.
Their heads hung low.
Dark glasses cover their eyes,
They hug, sobbing.
They comfort each other’s cries.
Dark colors dominate the line
Making evident the reason they gather.
A friend?
A husband?
A wife?
A son?
A daughter?
I don’t know.
They are but strangers to me.
But the pain runs deep.
It’s all too real.
A Death.
A life ended.
And the big question- Why?
The wooden cross is between them and me.
I wonder if they see it.
I wonder if they find hope in it.
They gather there, behind the cross
Behind the wooden symbol of my Savior’s crucifixion.
Gathered to mourn over a loved ones death
Are they aware of the hope the truth of the cross can bring?
As the doors open and they go in to pay their respect
A prayer rings out among the crowd.
One man.
One prayer.
Let them find comfort in your arms Lord.
Let them find peace in you.
Let the truth of the cross meet them today.


Comment from Beckie
Time September 22, 2007 at 3:20 pm

You are a beautiful poet. I still have the one you wrote for me hung up in my livingroom. Eugene, Thanks for making her post this.

Comment from Beth @ The Natural Mommy
Time September 23, 2007 at 11:30 pm


You are so talented. You painted such a vivid picture and your words were so pungent!

I think the same thing whenever I see an accident on the interstate or a funeral procession. Do (or did) the people involved have the hope of the cross?

How sad if they didn’t.

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